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今回は2週間に渡り様々な大学や短大などでプログラムに参加されましたが、本プログラムは大変好評なプログラムとなり、最後のフィードバックでも、7名の学生がBest 3 Activitiesに選んでおりました。

○Cooking: can impress friends at home with sushi.
○I liked these activities the most because I have an interest in creative
arts and it was good to see creative arts in Japan first hand.
○There are my first time to do there. About cooking class, I love it.
○Japanese cooking was great to be participated.
○The topic of these activities really attract me very much, especially
about some kind of things we can make on our own and bring it back home.




Kyoto MICHELIN Restaurant!? taiwa restaurants by students (WASHOKU/FRENCH/ITALIAN) is now open!!

Hi this is mkt from taiwa spokesman!

Today I’m gonna tell you about “taiwa restaurants” operated by our students of Kyoto Culinary Art College.

Over 400 students are learning in Kyoto Culinary Art College.




Future MICHELIN Restaurants by students?

We have three types of restaurants.
Our all restaurants, fully-operated by students.
(even for customer service, making recipe!)
One day, we hope our restaurants will be one of MICHELIN Restanrants…!!

Three restaurants

-Mikaku(Washoku / Japanese restaurants)
Since there’s so many washoku  restaurant.
You can enjoy true Japanese WASHOKU here in Kyoto Culinary Art College too!

-La Stellina(Italian)

You can enjoy Italian food culture here in Kyoto city!

Original Kyoto-Italian menu is one of the customer’s favorite!  


-Espoir (French)

This is like…
a true-local-french-restaurant or hotel french restaurant, 
or even better than that!!
We offer general french menu such as hamburger steak, gratin etc,

and also Luxury french food such as  foie gras, Omar shrimp.



Want to come?

All menu is around $10-$20.

You need to take a reservation in advance of your visit .
If you have any question / to make a reservation,
make a call to +81758410191.
(it is only available by prior reservation for a while.)

Kyoto Japanese cooking class for foreign guests/customers!

Hello! This is taiwa!

Now here in Kyoto we can feel “coming of autumn“.

Walking in the city, you can see many many Tourists from all over the world.

(in fact Tourists in Kyoto have increased in number!)

kamoriverKamo River(famous river in Kyoto)


Kyoto Imperial Palace(good day for walking and running!)


What to do in Kyoto?

Here in Kyoto, you have many things to do!

Visiting historical place, eat fine good, drink sake, wear Geisha style etc…

But recently, Japanese cooking class is more popular activity here in Kyoto.


Today we’re gonna present our cooking seminar/class for foreign guests/customers!

As “WASHOKU” added to UNESCO Intangible Heritage in December 2013,

Many many foreigners is now getting interested in WASHOKU, many of them

want to learn WASHOKU.

For us, to meet such request/demand, now we’re having some special “Japanese-style” cooking seminar

here in Kyoto, Taiwa La carriere cooking school.


What is good?

What is good to learn Japanese food / cooking style from Taiwa La Carriere?

It’s very simple.


Taiwa, the traditional colleges/school in Kyoto

Now, we Taiwa is operating four vocational colleges with a student body of 2,600,

including those enrolled in correspondence course.

In addition, more than 50,000 people per year attend adult education programs(including cooking class etc.)

such as executive and continuing education programs.

These programs are offered at Taiwa La Carriere cooking school.


Solid program performance

As mentioned above, we have a track record of 84 years as Japanese cooking school here in Kyoto.

we have had accepted many customers from all over the world.






Convenient Location

We’re located Center of Kyoto city, we have 3 types of train stations, all of them is 10-minutes-close.

You can refer our homepage for the location.


Variety of way of learning

you  can fully enjoy variety of Japanese food!

Traditional Japanese food such as Sushi, Tempra, Onigiri, Okonomiyaki…

Not only them but also you can learn many types of Japanese food!

(we can offer variety program per customer’s request.)





sushi  IMG_1348sushieating


Nice and Easy

All program will be in 2 or 3 hours.(it depends what you want to learn.)

But we’re sure this will be your coolest experience ever do in Kyoto!

Also, Price is not to expensive.

from $40 to $100.(about to change per your request.)


Accept Small group to large group 

any types of group is welcome!

Recently, its use by groups of foreign tourists has also become striking.




Kyoto City is now inviting public opinion for the “Kyoto Future Tourism Promotion Plan,”

which is now in the process of coordination to enhance the further tourism promotion toward the FY 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics, etc.

To meet that kind of demand, our international program such as Japanese cooking class/seminar will help Kyoto city we believe.

Please feel free to contact us for future opportunity.


How to make a reservation? Or question?

If you’re ever interested in this program,

please feel free to call +81752410191  (Taiwa gakuen “La Carriere cooking school”)

Or you can contact us by mail “manabi@taiwa.ac.jp

Both way is English-available.

*It would be better you make a request prior to your trip.

(we recommend 1 month before the day you want to come to theclass.)


How about Special Osechi?

we’ll have a special lesson at the year end 2015!

Osechi(おせち) cooking  session 2015 in Kyoto is now coming up!


Culinary students?

For foreign culinary school members, we can offer you special program.

See the one below for reference.



Look forward to hear from you!

Osechi(おせち) cooking session end year in Kyoto is now coming up!


Today we’re gonna present special event! If you have a plan to make a trip to Kyoto, MUST-DO is below!

We have Osechi cooking session (Osechi which are traditional Japanese New Year foods) at the end of the year!


Historical cooking school

Back in  1931,  we, taiwa cooking school started  business in Kyoto city Japan.

Since then, we have “Annual Osechi cooking lecture class” at the end of year.

Every year, over 2,000 people enjoyed “magnetic” osechi every year.



Cooking school since 1931Since 1931


Wanna make Osechi by yourselves? Will be a special memories!

osechi Wanna make Osechi by yourselves?



[This year’s Special Osechi lesson!]

-What is special?
You can enjoy only-3-hours Osechi lecture session!
You can make your own Osechi by yourselves quickly、
by arranging on your own plates.
If you’re now making a plan to do at the morning of the 31th December,
Please come join us!



Date : December 31th, 2015
Time: 9:30 – 12:30

Fee: ¥32,000 tax included

Place: Kyoto city 

3-hours-Osechi Lecture (Japanese site / we accept a reservation by phone-call or e-mail as shown below. )


How to make a reservation?

If you’re ever interested in this program,

please feel free to call +81752410191  (Taiwa gakuen “La Carriere cooking school”)

Or you can contact us by mail “manabi@taiwa.ac.jp

Both way is English-available.



We’re looking forward to see you in Kyoto!