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Kyoto College of Nutritional & Medical Sciences

The Kyoto College of Nutritional & Medical Sciences has 4 courses from 2 to 4 year programs that will allow you to realize your ambitions of working in the field of nutrition or medical records administration. The National Registered Dietician Course and Dietician Course train students aspiring to become national registered dieticians or dieticians in the hospitality industry (such as hospitals, nursery food services, elementary school and junior high school food services, sports facilities and elderly welfare facilities). The Medical Record Administrator Course and Medical Secretary & Welfare Staff Course train students aiming to work in the field medical hospitality industry, for jobs such as hospital receptionist, medical data processor, medical secretary and medical record administrator.
A Course of Study Term
National Registered Dietician 4years
Dietician 2years
Medical OfficerAdministration and Medical Secretary 2years
Medical Care Information Management 3years
Kyoto Culinary Art College

Campus Life & Kyoto Life

Campus Life

At Taiwa Gakuen, all faculty members provide one-to-one support to their students. This is made possible by the small class sizes. Your professors & instructors will give you personalized support about any concerns or questions you have during your studies, allowing you to enjoy your students-life both on campus and in Kyoto.

Kyoto Life

Kyoto is the international center of culture and tourism, visited by people from all over Japan and around the world. Through the course of its long history, Kyoto has developed a unique spirit and atmosphere to welcome visitors warmly and kindly it is the origin Japanese “Omotenashi” hospitality. By experiencing Kyoto's traditional culture and history at the same time as engaging in specialized studies, you will develop an understanding of Japan's traditional way of living and thinking. Come and join us in Kyoto, to learn about the meaning of hospitality, as well as to explore “Omotenashi” Japanese culture and history.

Student Interview

I decided to quit my job in my home country in order to study tourism and Japanese, both of which I love, in Japan. I started my Japanese studies after I came to Kyoto and came to like Japanese more and more, so that eventually I passed Level 1 of the Japanese Proficiency Test at a Japanese language school! Later, I entered Carriere in order to acquire the specialist skills needed to work in tourism, and I passed the National Examination for Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor during my studies.
There is no guarantee that you will succeed just because you decided to study abroad. Success requires your own hard work and a supportive environment. The reasons I chose Carriere were the fact that I liked the atmosphere during a visit to the College before studying there, the fact that you are able to acquire useful workplace skills in a thorough way while coming in contact with the workplace systems of the travel industry, and lastly because it leads to job opportunities after completion. I decided to study at Carriere because I believed my aspirations could be realized there. I am now making full use of the skills I picked up at Carriere as I look for a job. My dream for the future is to live in Japan and be involved in the travel work that I love. I want to communicate the joy of travel to lots of different people after broadening my own horizons through a variety of experiences and new environments as I look towards a bigger world. I have absolutely no regrets about deciding to study at Carriere!

I have always liked cooking, and since a young age I have wanted to work in the food service industry. My parents used to time live in Japan, so I decided to make serious efforts to study Japanese cooking, which is very popular in my country Taiwan. After studying for two years at a different Japanese language school, I entered Kyoto Culinary Art College.
I was worried that my Japanese language ability wasn't good enough for me to keep up with the lessons and whether or not I would get on well with the other students, but I was very relieved to discover that the college has a very “at-home” atmosphere and that the instructors listened sympathetically to anything you had to say. The practical lessons were in a “hands-on-training” style. You get a real feeling of developing your own skills each time you have a lesson as a result of the many ingredients you deal with and the lessons you take. Kyoto is Japan's ancient capital, and has numerous shrines and temples that have been designated as world heritage sites; with opportunities to see things such as no and kyogen, it is perfect for learning about Japanese culture. I learned so many things during my two years and I hope to make full use of what I learned in my future work.


サポート Housing support & aid for part-time work



  1.  安心あんしん Security and Safety


  2.  快適かいてき Comfort


  3.  健康けんこう Health



  内訳 A B
契約時けいやくじ 入館費にゅうかんひ 48,000 48,000
リフォームだい 15,000 15,000
3,000 3,000

48,000 58,000
電気料金でんきりょうきん 5,250 5,250
電話使用料金でんわしようりょうきん 実費じっぴ 実費じっぴ









  • 学校指定学生住宅がっこうしていがくせいじゅうたく家賃やちん24,000えん~65,000えんつき
  • 学校指定寮がっこうしていりょう家賃やちん20,000えん~27,000えんつき
  • 学生がくせいマンション(信頼しんらいできる住宅業者じゅうたくぎょうしゃをご紹介しょうかいします)

くわしくは各校かくこう住宅じゅうたくサポート担当たんとうまでお問合 といあわ せください。




  店名てんめい 業種ぎょうしゅ
1 ジョイテルスタッフ 宿泊施設しゅくはくしせつ
2 八剣伝はっけんでん 嵯峨店さがてん 居酒屋いざかや
3 Café ran Zan カフェ
4 イノダコーヒ カフェ
5 和食わしょくさと」 嵯峨店さがてん 和食飲食店わしょくいんしょくてん
6 鯛匠たいしょう HANANA 鯛茶漬専門店たいちゃづけせんもんてん
7 美濃吉みのきち 料亭りょうてい
8 熊彦くまひこ 料亭りょうてい
9 たんくま 北店きたみせ 割烹かっぽう
  店名てんめい 業種ぎょうしゅ
10 喜久屋駒井きくやこまい 割烹かっぽう
11 松井旅館まついりょかん 旅館りょかん
12 グラースセゾン 洋菓子ようがし
13 鶴屋吉信つるやよしのぶ 和菓子わがし
14 亀屋良長かめやよしなが 和菓子わがし
15 京都きょうとホテルオークラ ホテル
16 ウェスティンみやこホテル京都きょうと ホテル
17 ジャッツ関西かんさい 旅行りょこう


Taiwa Gakuen has its own scholarship and financial aid. A foreign students is encouraged to apply for the Taiwa's support systems. The application criteria and amounts paid vary from school to school. Please see below for more details.

Kyoto College of Nutritional & Medical Sciences


給付金額(きゅうふきんがく) 入学金全額免除(にゅうがくきんぜんがくめんじょ)
応募条件(おうぼじょうけん) 外国人留学生入試受験者(がいこくじんりゅうがくせいにゅうしじゅけんしゃ) のうち、(つぎ)項目(こうもく)にあてはまる(かた)
  • 就学意欲(しゅうがくいよく)はもちろん、異文化(いぶんか)への理解(りかい)やコミュニケーションに(たい)する意欲(いよく)(すぐ)れている(かた)
  • 日本語能力(にほんごのうりょく)証明(しょうめい)する試験(しけん)または日本語学校(にほんごがっこう)での学習成績(がくしゅうせいせき)優秀(ゆうしゅう)(かた)
採用人数( さいようにんずう) 10(めい)まで
  • 管理栄養士科(かんりえいようしか) :540,000 (えん)
  • 栄養士科 ( えいようしか ) :540,000 (えん)
  • 医療事務・医療秘書科 (いりょうじむ・いりょうひしょか) :270,000 (えん)
  • 診療情報管理士科 (しんりょうじょうほうかんりしか) :265,000 (えん)
  • 1年次(ねんじ):(入試時(にゅうしじ))の面接(めんせつ)書類審査(しょるいしんさ)
  • 2年次(ねんじ)出席率しゅっせきりつ


給付金額(きゅうふきんがく) 授業料(じゅぎょうりょう) 年間(ねんかん)100,000 円減免(えんげんめん)
応募条件(おうぼじょうけん) 外国人留学生試験受験者(がいこくじんりゅうがくせいしけんじゅけんしゃ)
人数(にんずう) 入学者全員(にゅうがくしゃぜんいん)
  • 管理栄養士科(かんりえいようしか) :1,460,000 (えん)
  • 栄養士科 ( えいようしか ) :1,480,000 (えん)
  • 医療事務・医療秘書科 (いりょうじむ・いりょうひしょか) :1,092,000 (えん)
  • 診療情報管理士科 (しんりょうじょうほうかんりしか) :1,047,000 (えん)
  • 1年次(ねんじ)選考(せんこう)なし
  • 2年次(ねんじ)出席率しゅっせきりつ

Taiwa Gakuen provides a variety of support systems with foreign students to help them study surely and comfortably, including housing support, medical insurance support (applications for the medical expense refund system for foreign students etc.) and aid for engaging in activities outside the scope permitted by the visa such as applications for part-time work.


2020 年度入学(ねんどにゅうがく)外国人留学生(がいこくじんりゅうがくせい)入学要項(にゅうがくようこう)です。

●出願(しゅつがん)から入学(にゅうがく) まで ● 入学資格(にゅうがくしかく)  ● 設置学科(せっちがっか)募集定員(ぼしゅうていいん)
入学選考実施要領(にゅうがくせんこうじっしようりょう)  ● 学費(がくひ)  ● 入学手続(にゅうがくてつづ) き ● 奨学金制度紹介(しょうがくきんせいどしょうかい)


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