For International Students
Taiwa Gakuen
Education Inc. Kyoto, Japan

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A school with over 90 years of history[Certified as Properly Managed Schools for International Students (Schools of Excellent Enrollment Management)]

  • Certified by the Governor of Kyoto
  • Member of General Incorporated Association of Vocational Schools of Kyoto

We are a general education and research institute that provides practical education for use in work and daily life in the fields of nutrition, medical care and welfare, cooking, confectionery production, baking, food education, hotel services, wedding services, and tourism. In addition, all four of our schools have been certified as Properly Managed Schools for International Students (Schools of Excellent Enrollment Management). This certification is granted to educational institutions among the Properly Managed Schools that have demonstrated exceptional excellence in enrollment management.

The Four Schools
of Taiwa Gakuen

For those who want to use Japanese to gain more knowledge and skills in specialized fields
Applicant Qualifications
JLPT level N2 or above, EJU score of 200 or higher, BJT score of 420 or higher
  • Kyoto Culinary Art College

    Professions you can aim for

    Chef (Japanese, French, Italian cuisines)

  • Kyoto Pastry & Bakery Art College

    Professions you can aim for

    Confectionary hygienist (Japanese confections, Western confections, cafes, bread)

  • Kyoto College of Hotel, Tourism & Bridal Management

    Professions you can aim for

    Hotel Staff, Travel Staff, Bridal Staff

  • Kyoto College of Nutritional & Medical Sciences

    Professions you can aim for

    National Registered Dietician, Dietician, Medical Administration Officer and Medical Secretary, Health Information Manager

For those who are interested in Japanese culture and society and want to improve their Japanese
Applicant Qualifications
JLPT level N3 or above

Kyoto College of Hotel, Tourism & Bridal Management
Hospitality Business Program
For international students

Fields you can learn

Hospitality, business etiquette, Japanese language and culture

Scholarships for international students

Type A Special Scholarship for International Students
  • Full admission fee waiver
  • Full tuition waiver (for the first year)
Type B Special Scholarship for International Students
  • Full admission fee waiver
  • Partial tuition waiver (up to 300,000 yen in the first year)
Support Scholarships for International Students
  • 100,000 yen waiver on admission fee
All enrolled students
Global Scholarship
  • 160,000 yen waiver for facility and equipment fees
All students of the Hospitality Business Program
  • You can apply for all of the scholarships.
  • Tuition can also be paid by installment (in four installments per year) or deferred.

Extensive support system

Classroom teachers, teachers in charge of career placement, and the international student advisor will give you full support.

The scope of careers will be expanded, with the new Specified Skills and Designated Activities resident statuses.

Learn hospitality in the International Cultural Tourism Capital of Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the world's leading cities for tourism. You can experience traditional Japanese culture, such as the cuisine, tea ceremony and flower arrangement. In addition, one out of ten people in Kyoto are students, making the city a lively gathering place for young people.

International students from twelve countries have chosen to study at Taiwa Gakuen Education Inc.! *Actual figures from 2022

Students from all over the world have gathered here to study, including Asian countries and regions such as China, Taiwan and Indonesia, and Western countries such as Austria, Canada and Germany.