wagashi wagashi(Nerikiri)

Wagashi - Japanese confectionary
(for Biginner and Advanced level)

Wagashi is an art.What the difference from other confectionary is this: the way of its expression of the beauty concept of 4 seasons in Japan.

And it usually looks colourful, fluffy and finger-bite size.You will learn how to wrap the paste.

Here are the examples of the menu.

  • japanese sweets
  • japanese sweets-mitarashi dango
  • japanese sweets-daifuku
  • japanese sweets
  • japanese sweets-kashiwa mochi
  • japanese sweets-youkan
  • japanese sweets
  • japanese sweets-minazuki
  • japanese sweets-kintsuba
  • japanese sweets
  • japanese sweets-ohagi
  • japanese sweets
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