I've never cooked any Japanese food myself.
Is it possible to take classes for beginners like me?
And what can I learn from La Carriere?

You have no worries at all.

While you are cooking, our chefs will walk around to follow up you. And if you are stuck with any steps, our chefs will be offering you more detailed guidance individually.

You could learn varieties of Japanese cuisine like home style cooking to traditional ones such as kaiseki ryori,kyo ryori and obanzai.

I've got heaps to check out in Kyoto.
So I only have couples of hours to take a class.

How much and how long for taking a class?

Normally our cooking class will take 2.5 - 3 hours long.
So it wouldn't bother you to go sightseeing for the rest of the day.

Our chefs are well-qualified and they have over 10 years’ experience as chefs.

Tell me about booking and cancellation policy.

Please make a book via contact form with your preferred date(s), class name*, number of participants. We will get back to you as soon as possible (generally within 3 business days).

Also please feel free to call our office for any further questions.

*we have various classes.

  • Obanzai
  • Washoku
  • Kyoto cuisine (beginner / advanced level)
  • Wagashi (beginner / advanced level)

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellation more than 7days(excluded weekends and holidays) before the scheduled class: full refund.

Where are you located?

We are at the centre of the inner city.

Just about 30 seconds walk from the nearest underground station, and also opposite to Kyoto Hotel Okura.